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Successful companies are those that have found a fit in the market. You’ve likely already compiled what you can for free using internet searches, census data, and existing reports.



Don’t stop there. Whether your product or service optimizes an existing solution or offers completely new way to solve a problem, consumer data is the first step to discovering and defining your customer base.

Make the most of your consumer insights, at any stage

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Asking the right question at every stage

Growing and scaling a business takes more than a good product or a new idea. The success of your product ultimately depends on your ability to connect to your target market, identify their needs and deliver a solution.  

From launch, to funding, to development, your startup will live or die on the data you gather from consumers.

At this stage you will have built and launched your MVP and started getting some early adopters (potentially even paying ones!) using your product or service. The next steps are critical—iterating for improvements, demonstrating growth, and securing capital.


A better understanding of your market, user attitudes and behavior, and competitors will help you continue on the right track


You’re on your way, but you can’t slow down. You’ve started to gain momentum with your product and you want to keep it going. Don’t drop the strategy that worked for you before: let data drive your growth.


Leverage your consumers to gain insights on new expansion opportunities, develop decks for investors, or impress the press to win coverage.


Consumer surveys open doors for businesses to get answers to the right questions at the right time so they can scale quickly and confidently move the business forward.

When you use Pollfish to create your own surveys, you’re in control, which means you can get answers on your timeframe at a fraction of the cost of traditional research solutions.

Survey a broad, diverse audience of consumers to discover if they like your concept or resonate with the problem you are trying to solve.

Try this: Ask a mix of ranking and open-ended question types to define your opportunity.

See example survey

Find out how many consumers might be looking for your product/solution to define a strategy to scale and reach them.

Try this: Survey a broad audience to validate your hypothesis and define a need in the market.

See example survey

Target and segment results by age, gender, geographic region and other demographic information to reveal the right audience for your product or service.

Try this: Implement quotas for age or gender, and define geographic region down to the zipcode to refine your target audience. 

See example survey

Once you’ve defined the need for your solution, surveying consumers can help you determine whether it can be monetized.

Try this: Use slider questions to let your consumers define the price range they would be willing to pay for your product or service.

See example survey

Gain consumer perspectives on your competitors to learn what they do well and where they have gaps that your product or service can fill.

Try this: Use open-ended questions to learn where your biggest competitive threats are directly from your consumers.

See example survey

You’ve identified a market, now the challenge is to make it profitable. Surveys are a great way to determine pricing strategy from amount, frequency, quantity and willingness to pay for specific features.

Try this: Use slider question types to define ranges in price, frequency, and preferences.

See example survey

If you aren’t getting revenue yet, figure out where to focus your monetization efforts. Should you target early adopters, niche players, or a broad audience first?

Try this: Segment your survey results by age, location, gender, income and more to build profiles of your most urgent potential customers.

See example survey

If your MVP isn’t solving a pain point, it's time to iterate. Let your audience help you define a roadmap to build a product that makes an impact, fast.

Try this: Use matrix or ranking question types to determine how important specific features are for your users.

See example survey

Whether your MVP is doing great or needs some adjustments, consumer data can help you decide whether to pivot or enhance current offerings to stay competitive.

Try this: Apply images or product videos to your questions to get feedback from consumers at the prototype stage.

See example survey

Learn how your competitors’ features, pricing, performance and more are received by consumers by using surveys that target competitive audiences.

Try this: Use screening questions or target your competitor’s users by the apps they have installed on their devices. 

See example survey

Find out how familiar consumers are with your brand and what they think of it. Surveys on attitudes and perceptions can help you pivot your PR or advertising strategy.

Try this: Use single-selection questions to let your consumers choose your logo, tagline, or core offering to measure recognition and awareness.

See example survey

Surveys offer unique insights that can help you capture the attention of your investors, the press, or build credibility.

Try this: Broadly survey target audiences to identify opportunities for new markets or new solutions your product can provide.

See example survey

Products, services, or physical locations—use consumer data to understand where you should focus your expansion efforts to grow your business.

Try this: Use geographic targeting to determine the best place to launch a new product or your next office.

See example survey

Understand consumer attitudes towards your brand before and after campaigns to optimize your efforts for the greatest ROI.

Try this: Run identical brand recognition surveys before and after campaigns to measure changes in consumer attitude or awareness.

See example survey

Data-driven content is more than a phase. Gather custom insights from your surveys to improve your search rankings and discoverability with new audiences.

Try this: Ask bold questions that uncover original data to develop engaging, shareable content.

See example survey